Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Michigan

Compare Auto Insurance Quotes Michigan

For consumers looking to compare auto insurance quotes in Michigan, but are not sure what kind of Michigan car insurance to obtain a quote on, there are a few ways to go about the process, and save money along the way. The law in Michigan requires individuals to purchase no fault car insurance if you own a vehicle and are a licensed driver. A no fault Michigan car insurance policy provides the vehicle owner (and family members who drive the vehicle) unlimited medical and rehab benefits, wage loss benefits, and payments for replacement services (up to $20 per day, up to three years), no matter which driver was at fault.

When comparing auto insurance quotes in Michigan, drivers must consider what the minimum requirements are on a no fault policy. Drivers must have a minimal of these coverage types with their no fault policy:

First is personal injury protection (PIP). This will pay for any necessary medical costs and procedures if the insured driver is injured in the auto accident.

Second, is property protection (PPI). This will pay up to $1 million in damages which your car causes to any property in the state of Michigan.

The third requirement for Michigan car insurance policies is Residual bodily injury and property damage liability insurance (BI/PD). What this covers is the payment for defense costs and damages, in the event that you (the insured driver) are found to be liable in the auto accident. There are limited amounts on the purchase of this insurance coverage. For bodily injury, it’s $20,000 per person who is killed or injured in the accident, $40,000 per person if several individuals are killed or injured. For property damage, it’s $10,000 for damage if done in another state. – These are just the minimum requirements. Therefore, when you compare auto insurance quotes, make sure to ask what the increase in your premiums would be if you opt to insure more than the minimum which is required by the state. Drivers can also add optional coverage to their Michigan car insurance policy for uninsured motorist protection and comprehensive damages protection.

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When purchasing car insurance in the state, since there are so many insurance providers, the best way for drivers to save on their policy premiums, is to compare auto insurance quotes from various providers. Although it might take some time calling several different insurance companies, if you really want to get the best price on your policy, you will have to shop around. No matter which insurer you decide to go with, you must make sure that your insurance policy covers at least the minimum PIP, PPI, and BI/PD requirements in the state. But, before choosing your provider, make sure to compare several rates, find reliable insurers (either national or local insurers which are reputable), and make sure to choose a company which best insures you and your family.

The five most populated cities in the State of Michigan are: Detroit, Grand Rapids, Warren, Flint, and Sterling Heights. Therefore, if you are a motorist in one of these cities, it might be advised to obtain more than the minimum coverage requirements. And, since they are the most populous cities, costs will likely be higher; therefore, shopping around for quotes will really save you money.