Louisiana Compare Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

Louisiana Compare Cheap Auto Insurance Quotes

People living in Louisiana have many spectacular choices when picking a provider for car insurance. In Louisiana, car insurance is required by law so as to make sure that you are “financially responsible.” This law is strictly enforced and only car insurance from a licensed carrier in the state will be accepted. People in Louisiana who do not have insurance meeting the state standard run the risk of having their license plate taken away and having their vehicle impounded. The Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles (OMV) will hold on to the car until proof of insurance is provided. If coverage is canceled and not replaced with new insurance within 10 days, fines will be applied that grow over time reaching up to $225. Fortunately, the minimum requirements for financial responsibility in Louisiana are not overly strict. They are as follows: 15,000 dollars per person for bodily injuries and death, 30,000 dollars per accident for injuries or the deaths of all the people involved, and 25,000 dollars per accident for property damage.

To avoid the many impending headaches that result from not being properly insured people who will be driving in Louisiana should purchase car insurance that satisfies or even exceeds the state requirements. Many professionals suggest however, that if your premium is over 10% of your car’s market value, then the plan is not worth it. Buying Louisiana car insurance does not have to be a difficult process. The key to successfully choosing the best insurance policy is finding out how to compare auto insurance quotes in Louisiana over the internet. To compare auto insurance quotes in the state, go to one of the many websites that specializes in auto insurance, state-by-state. These websites provide direct links to the websites of vehicle insurance providers. Most major providers, if not all, provide quick, free insurance quotes on the phone, or online through their websites. You should review at least three or four different providers to make sure you are getting the best deal.

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In the United States, the average car insurance premium is $1,439.33. In Louisiana, the average is $1,789.10. This is slightly higher than the national average but not nearly as expensive as some states. Still, the price of premiums can be combated by diligently searching for the best insurance rate as well as by driving safely, maintaining a clean record, by limiting the amount you drive, and even by purchasing a car that is statistically less likely to be stolen in your state. Buying on a yearly as opposed to monthly basis can also lower premiums. Depending on whether you live in an urban or suburban area, your insurance rate can also fluctuate within the state. The best way to compare premiums is to go to a website of a major insurance provider and search for the free quote offer. Follow the prompts and fill out the fields that request general information. This information will remain confidential and is requested entirely for the purposes of giving the most accurate estimate. After entering all of the information, the website will provide an estimated quote. This method works for all the major providers and after comparing rates in this way, you will be able to find the best Louisiana car insurance. That’s how easy it is to compare auto insurance quotes in Louisiana!

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Cities in Louisiana have much higher premiums. The averages in New Orleans and Baton Rouge, which are the two largest cities in the state is $2,262.22 and $2,147.81, respectively. Trailing behind them is Shreveport, followed by Lafayette, and Lake Charles.