Connecticut Auto Insurance Quotes

Connecticut Auto Insurance Quotes

People who live in Connecticut have many great choices when it comes to choosing a car insurance provider. Connecticut car insurance is required by law and is strictly enforced. People in the state who do not have insurance that meets the state standard may be fined up to 200 dollars. If they do not comply with the standards within 30 days, a suspension notice will be issued. This can lead to a hearing in which their registration could be suspended. This in turn leads to more fines as well as a time consuming process. Fortunately, the minimum standards for insurance in Connecticut are not overly stringent. They are as follows: 20,000 dollars for bodily injuries on a single person, 40,000 dollars per accident for injuries on multiple people, and 10,000 dollars per accident for property damage.

To avoid all of the potential headaches that may come from not being properly insured, people who will be driving in Connecticut, even if they do not live there, should purchase car insurance that satisfies or even exceeds the state requirements. Purchasing Connecticut car insurance is really quite a simple process. Equally simple is finding out how to compare auto insurance quotes in Connecticut. To compare auto insurance quotes in the state, simply go on one of the many websites that specializes in auto insurance by state. These websites provide links to the official websites of automobile insurance providers. Almost all major providers, if not all, provide quick, free insurance quotes either by phone, or online via their websites.

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In the United States, the average car insurance premium is $1,439.33. In Connecticut, the average is $1,839.18. This is significantly higher than the national average though not nearly as expensive as some states. Still, the high premiums can be combated by diligently searching for the best insurance rate. Depending on whether you live in an urban or suburban area, this rate can also fluctuate within the state. The best way to compare premiums is to go to a website or call the hotline of a major insurance provider. Once there, search for the free quote option or follow the phone prompts. On the computer, follow the prompts and fill the empty fields that request general information. This information will not be shared and is requested entirely for the purposes of giving the most accurate estimate. After entering the information, the website will provide an estimated quote. This method works for all the major providers and after comparing rates in this way, you will be able to find the best Connecticut car insurance. That’s how easy it is to compare auto insurance quotes in Connecticut!

Cities in Connecticut have slightly higher premiums. The averages in Bridgeport and New Haven are $2,348.06 and $2,236.60, respectively. Bridgeport is the most populated city in the state at over 136,000 people, followed by the capital, Hartford. After Hartford is New Haven, home of the prestigious Yale University, then Stamford, and in fifth place, Waterbury, which has a population of just over 107,000 people.

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