Car Insurance For Retro Vehicles

Car Insurance For Retro Vehicles

Having a retro car in your garage is definitely a serious investment of both time and money, but it’s not something strange and unique, as there are many lucky people who have managed to restore antique cars and bring them back on the road. And it’s evident that having such a unique item as your property you want to make sure that it’s perfectly safe through insurance coverage. However, some insurance companies have very restrictive policies regarding antique cars and it’s recommended that you pay very close attention to the policy you are about to sign before insuring your retro car. Because the difference can be huge.

When looking for a policy to insure your retro car with, the first thing you should think of is the reputation of the company you’ll get your policy from. When dealing with retro cars you want to work with the most reliable and reputable company, more than in the case of a series contemporary car. The way the insurance provider deals with your possible claims and is willing to work out things with you matters a lot when insuring an antique car. So first of all, spend some time online or with your insurance agent to learn which companies are the best to insure your retro car. Financial stability and long history of work are always welcome, but you also would want to learn how they process claims and what provisions they have for antique vehicles.

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Certain companies have very strict rules regarding the type and age of the antique car they will accept to insure. A large part if insurance providers will only register your retro car if it carries a certain percentage of the original factory parts and details. Most of the retro cars you seen on the road these days carry a lot of parts and features that have been replaced recently with the use of newer materials. And not all companies will accept such cars as antique. Still, there are providers that perfectly understand the process of restoration and will have less strict provisions regarding the original features when providing you with auto insurance.

One of the most common requirements that all car insurance companies will have towards your antique vehicle is that it should be kept in a sealed garage when you’re not driving it. Moreover, with some companies you will have a strict limit on yearly mileage with your antique car, restricting its use to pleasure use only. There may be other restrictions as well, so with most insurance companies it will be nearly impossible to use your antique car as an everyday vehicle to get to work with.

Certain insurance providers will also ask you to evaluate your car by addressing a professional appraiser and provide a photo of it when applying for a policy. You may also meet an age restriction, as some companies will provide you with insurance only if you are older than 25 and have a clean driving record.

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As you may see, insuring your retro car can be a little tough with all the restrictions and requirements. Moreover, in most cases it will be quite hard to find cheap car insurance for your antique car. So think twice before insuring it, and make sure you understand all the restrictions and costs involved.