Car Insurance Tips For Parents With Teen Drivers

Car Insurance Tips For Parents With Teen Drivers

Having a kid who has turned 16 (or is about to reach that age) is a cause for a lot of stress and frustration. Just teaching your teenager how to drive a car right can be enough to give you a seizure and a heart attack all at the same time. And that’s even before you go out to the real traffic. When your teen gets a license you won’t have a good night’s sleep for a long while because being a parent of a 16-year old who’s driving your car alone at night is something that most people can’t be calm and relaxed about. And don’t forget about your insurance rates that are now much higher than before your kid got old enough to cruise the streets in a car.

It won’t be a big surprise for us to learn that your teen was asking for a car of their own ever since they turned 13 – it’s something most teens do these days. If there’s a possibility to buy a car for your kid, make sure it’s a used car that is big and safe enough to sustain a crash. Because eventually there will be a crash, and you want to make sure your teen is perfectly safe and the car isn’t something you will regret of buying. But besides buying a car, there’s something as important that you will have to think about. Something that gives you a headache every time you have to pay the premiums, and something that will cost a lot more for your teen.

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When doing comparison shopping for a policy to insure your teen driver with you will certainly look for cheap car insurance. However, cheap is not the most obvious option here. Teens tend to get higher rates than adult drivers and having a cheap policy on your hands means that your teen will have small coverage amounts – something that isn’t acceptable for a driver who will most likely have an accident sooner or later. So the main priority for you will be getting a policy that provides the right amount of coverage to pay for a serious accident for a fair price.

That’s why when getting a policy for your young driver, make sure that you’re comparing auto insurance quotes for the same amounts of insurance. This will give you a better understanding of the difference between companies providing insurance. Try to compare similar policies rather than analyze different products from different providers – this will only be a waste of time.

Sometimes, the best place to start looking for your teen’s vehicle coverage is the company you have insured you own car with. Some companies offer discounts to customers who have more than one car insured, and if your teen is a good student at school (with an average of B and higher) you may also opt for a special good student discount. Another good place to look for competitive insurance rates your teen may take advantage of is the company you get other types of insurance from such as homeowners or health insurance. Most providers offer discounts to people who purchase various insurance products from them.

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