Do Non-Moving Violations Affect Insurance Cost?

Do Non-Moving Violations Affect Insurance Cost

Your driving history is one of the many different factors that help to determine your car insurance rates. If you have a good driving history with no moving violations or accidents, you may be given rates that are exclusive to those who are safe drivers.

Normally, non-moving violations consist of any citation given to a driver when the car is not in motion.

What do you do if you have no speeding tickets, but you suddenly receive a parking ticket?

The good news is there are no points assessed against your driver’s license in most states for these types of violations. They are civil citations, which generally result in the driver only being responsible to pay fines to a local agency. Non-moving tickets are not reported to the state; therefore, they are not recorded on your driver’s license or driving history.

This does not mean that you can collect as many unpaid parking tickets as you please and not have it affect your car insurance rates.

You have to look at the results of accumulating unpaid parking tickets. In some areas, the result from ignoring parking tickets can have serious consequences.

While it may not seem like it matters if you overextend your parking privileges by either ignoring a parking meter or not renewing a parking permit, but you are setting yourself up for much larger expenses.

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Too many outstanding tickets may result in a boot on your car if you are in California.

Parking in a handicapped space can cost you $330 in fines in California.

One wadded up $20 parking ticket in your glove box may not seem like a big deal, but if you continue to wad up parking tickets in the state of California, you might find that you are unable to renew your driver’s license or your registration.

You might find that you are getting collection notices and that your fines are mounting.

California wants its’ money.

Severe neglect in paying non-moving violations will affect your car insurance cost eventually. When your credit and driving history is affected, your rates will increase.

When you get ready to compare auto insurance quotes, make sure that you do not have outstanding parking tickets lurking on your credit history. Pay all your past tickets before you compare auto insurance quotes in order to get the cheapest car insurance rates that you can.