Will Insurance Cover A Ding In A Parking Lot?

Will Insurance Cover A Ding In A Parking Lot

If you are carrying no-fault insurance in a no-fault state, your insurance will pick up the bill for a door ding. If you have full coverage, your comprehensive insurance will cover the door ding for you; just remember door dings and dents are covered one-by-one with your comprehensive insurance. This requires you to file a claim for each ding and makes you responsible for each deductible.

Because you can file claims for door dings does not make it prudent to do so.

If you can lay blame on a car for the ding then file a claim. For instance, the car next to yours left paint on your door and you can prove it, or the incident was captured on security camera then you can file a claim. You can also get the license number of the vehicle responsible for the damage.

These situations are not easy to prove, which is why the no-fault answer is a better one. There is no increase in your rates for a no-fault door ding. You may wish to consider adding a no-fault insurance policy to your car insurance if you do not have comprehensive insurance. You can do this by comparing auto insurance quotes for no-fault or collision. These two policies will cover your door dings.

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If the door ding estimate is less than your deductible, it is not in your best interest to file a claim. You should pay for the repair and go on your way. If you have not filed an insurance claim, this will have no effect on your insurance premium.

If your vehicle has sustained a door ding in a parking lot, check to see if you can determine the responsible party. If you can tell who it was, take photos of the doors and the damage, as well as the license plate of the person who hit you. Document as much of the scene as possible and if you do manage to talk to the person who hit you, get their insurance information and their driver’s license.

You may never know who hit you, but unless this is a large crease in the door with a large repair cost, you may do well to pay for the repairs out of pocket.